Southern long fist

There are many styles of martial arts out there. Emphasis is placed on short, direct attacks and fierce blocks interchanged in quick succession and delivered with unmistakable power. The forms comprise basic movements stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws based on aggregate categories traditional Chinese martial art style and can be changed for competitions to highlight one's strengths. Longfist movement is quick, agile, and rhythmic, punctuated by explosive and spectacular jumping techniques. Fortunately much of the art was passed on and lives today. I started Wushu since the first semester of my freshmen year and I have yet to regret on my decision.
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What is Wushu?

Sifu Ian Chow has dedicated his life to promoting and sharing his respect for his Chinese culture and traditions through the art of kung fu. I enjoy learning new forms and different weapons. Staff styles, on the other hand, have been created by the northern, southern, and even drunken fighting systems. Order of Shaolin Chan. I was once an almost-mediocre student of Shotokan karate my Sensei told me so!
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History of Chinese Kung Fu, Development of Martial Arts

Posture and Basic Movement The first and foremost difference that needs to be established between Changquan and Nanquan is the difference in posture and basic movement. With various styles available to learn, I believe I will commit to mastering at least one style in the near future. Though the Lung Ying footwork pool is deep, it generally centers on two basic types of stepping. This style of fighting eventually morphed into a grappling art called jiao li. There is some controversy concerning the inclusion of nandu in wushu because many of the movements created for the specific events are not originally movements used in those styles.
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Modern Wu Shu is the national sport of China. Because the shaft is flexible, the spear player can attack from odd angles by bending the spear in a whipping motion. Another modern form of wushu is called sanda sometimes called sanshou or Lei Tai , which is a modern fighting method and sport influenced by both traditional Chinese boxing, Chinese wrestling methods called Shuai Chiao and other Chinese grappling techniques such as Qin Na. Eventually, the method of transmittance power is retained, and the physically strengthened body is able to make transitions in the proper, fluid manner. These "internal" arts help to develop the inner strength and relaxation essential for proper self defense. Still others, like the aesthetic beauty and grace of the forms and movements.
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